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Biscaytik websites´ Electronic security

The security of the e-Government system of the websites created by BiscayTIK is guaranteed since systems related to personal identification, e-signature, timestamp and Extended Validation Certificates are used, providing additional protection to users.

In order to access the e-Government services, the first thing users need to do is to identify themselves. At present, users can prove their identity on the websites of councils and associations of municipalities using the ONA health card, the IZENPE card or the Spanish e-ID card. The sites created by BiscayTIK also offer the possibility of accessing the e-Government services using the username and password of the email account, which works as an agreed signature, an identification system mentioned in Spanish Law 11/2007 regarding Citizen E-Access to Public Services. The municipal procedures that can be accessed using the agreed signature vary and depend on each municipal body.

The Extended Validation Certificates issued by Izenpe are legally valid applications and act as a guarantee of the authenticity of the website users are accessing. For example, thanks to these certificates users know that when entering, they are accessing the site of the Abanto-Zierbena municipality and not a fraudulent site pretending to belong to the council. It is easy to tell them apart because the browser activates a green address bar, indicating to users that the site is secure.

At present, Spanish Law 11/2007 regarding Citizen E-Access to Public Services demands these additional security requirements only from the General State Administration but not from Local Authorities or Regional Governments. However the sites created by BiscayTIK are the first in Spain to apply these requirements at a municipal level.