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E-Government websites

When a council or mancomunidad has the Municipal Administration Manager, it already has the technology necessary to take the next step: renew its website and implement an e-Government service or virtual office available round the clock.

The websites created by BiscayTIK for Biscay’s Local Authorities are a new way to communicate with the municipal body and offer citizens the option of carrying out their municipal procedures whenever and wherever they want, at any time and from any place.

The content management system of the websites allows Local Authorities to maintain their content self-sufficiently, without any help from BiscayTIK and without requiring advanced IT knowledge. Although these sites have been created with a common tool, their design has been customised for each Authority, so that councils and associations of municipalities keep their own personality and identity.

Citizens can carry out over 100 administrative procedures with the e-Government service, access the procedure catalogue or simply find out about the status of any procedures underway by visiting the website of their council or mancomunidad. They also have access to their own procedural history, where they can check any old municipal procedures carried out in the past. This online incoming document register is processed exactly as if it had been submitted in person at the town hall.

The electronic security of the e-Government system of the websites created by BiscayTIK is guaranteed since systems related to personal identification, e-signature, timestamp and Extended Validation Certificates are used, providing additional protection to users.

Councils and associations of municipalities with an e-Government service already up and running