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Cloud computing services

BiscayTIK offers all of its services to Local Authorities using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, also known as Cloud Computing. This means that the software and data it uses are hosted in the Foundation’s servers and can be accessed via the Internet. In this way, Local Authorities do not need to install any programmes on their computers or have specific IT infrastructure to host the applications. Local Authorities only need an Internet connection for accessing services remotely, and so they benefit from a significant reduction in costs.

All the infrastructure of the BiscayTIK systems is hosted in the Data Processing Centers of Lantik, an IT company belonging to the Regional Government of Biscay. It works with the most advanced tools, such as geo-redundancy, high availability and 24/7 operation, something vital for guaranteeing good performance and offering citizens the best possible services.

This cloud model makes it possible to save financial, human and organisational resources since it centralises all services, instead of each Local Authority keeping its own individual infrastructure, with the resulting multiplication of costs.