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Biscaytik and the local Authorities

The Internet is a daily tool and, thanks to mobile devices, its use is not limited to homes or work any more.  As well as a source of information, the Internet has become a space for exchanging ideas, a place for conversation.  Now nothing is far away. Local Authorities should not stay outside a network that is constantly moving forward and that provides them with direct contact with citizens.

In 2007, some of the municipalities in Biscay did not have enough resources because of their size. Therefore, there were many disparities in the “technological situation” of councils and associations of municipalities.

In order to face similar problems, each council had opted to use its own IT applications, which were provided by different suppliers.

Consequently, the municipal information systems often consisted of independent tools, with unrelated databases, which caused inaccuracies and a poor quality service for users.

Each council had gradually adapted to needs as they arose. Even if they were trying to do their best, they made the modernisation of the administration more difficult, since the use of these tools to move towards e-Government was possible in only a few cases.

The BiscayTIK Foundation has standardised this situation and successfully arranged that all the Biscayan municipalities and associations of municipalities have the same resources to meet certain common needs.

Since 2008, the BiscayTIK Foundation has been working to solve these difficulties and help absolutely all the Local Authorities in Biscay comply with the Spanish Law in terms of electronic administration. BiscayTIK aims to update or replace municipal IT systems and bring Public Administration closer to citizens through the creation of virtual desks that are always available on the Internet.

For this, BiscayTIK provides Local Authorities with two useful tools at no cost to them:

  • Municipal Administration Manager: an IT tool for the internal management of Local Government. It is the first step before moving into e-Government.
  • Website: a new Internet site and space for the e-management of the most frequent administrative procedures carried out by citizens. Available 24/7/365.

Councils and associations of municipalities with an e-Government service already up and running