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Municipal Administration Management Tool

One of BiscayTIK’s main goals is to remove obsolete IT systems from Biscay’s councils and associations of municipalities; that is, systems with duplicate applications and databases that are the result of a number of implementations carried out by different suppliers who, over time, have attended to needs separately, without a common goal.

In order to solve this situation, BiscayTIK plays the role of a technology partner to all Local Authorities in Biscay, providing them with the Municipal Administration Manager, which meets most of the IT needs of a council or mancomunidad. The Municipal Administration Manager supports the following municipal areas:

  • Incoming-outgoing Document Register
  • Population Register
  • Accounting
  • Budget
  • Patrimony and Inventory
  • Tax and Collection Management
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Social Services

The different modules of the Municipal Administration Manager are fully integrated, which provides more efficient management since there are no data related to only some parts of the system. Therefore, there are no unnecessary repetitions or disconnected information.

Thanks to the data integration steps taken, the File Manager module is not just a “guide” establishing the stages to follow in the procedure; it also interacts directly with the applications and databases. This makes it a very versatile and useful tool that acts as the backbone for the other modules and organises how these work.

The system also allows Local Authorities to make use of the improvements provided by the New Technologies by introducing practices like the use of a document management system, digital signature and timestamps.

After adopting the Municipal Administration Manager, the municipal body is then ready to take the following step, if it wishes: create its own website and offer citizens the option of using e-Government services.

Councils and associations of municipalities with an e-Government service already up and running

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