BiscayTIK Foundation - The Presidents welcome

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The President´s welcome

Ibone Bengoetxea
Provincial Councillor for Public Administration and Institutional Relations
Chair of the BiscayTIK Foundation

The BiscayTIK Foundation has been working since 2009 to modernise the IT systems of the municipalities, bringing together local government and the people of Biscay.

Since it was created, BiscayTIK has been managing a pioneering process of research, development and implementation for local councils and associations of councils. So far, more than 90% of local authorities in the province have joined the BiscayTIK initiative, modernizing their technology systems, increasing the efficiency of their administration and, above all, improving their level of public service.

Moreover, this novel process we have been leading has helped us project our talent beyond our borders, and we have received international recognition over the years as a proof of the impact.

Aware of our pivotal role, at BiscayTIK we are carrying out new projects, always together with local councils, in order to provide tools that can meet the new needs that may arise, such as those related to transparency, participation, good government, efficiency, inter-institutional coordination among others.

At the Provincial Council of Biscay, and therefore also at BiscayTIK, we look forward to the challenge of keeping on working hand in hand with the local councils in the Region in order to help them serve the public. Our main goals are to offer people a better service and a closer relationship with local government, and our projects aim to do this in the coming years, to make Biscay a modern, efficient, transparent and participative territory that is fully connected to the world.