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The Biscaytik Foundation

The BiscayTIK Foundation was created in 2008 as a non-profit public foundation by the Regional Government of Biscay, the institution behind the project. BiscayTIK’s main governing body is the Board of Trustees.

In 2009, the BiscayTIK Foundation created the free email account, available to every citizen over 14 years of age.

In 2011, the BiscayTIK Foundation finally moved to the Bake Eder Estate, a complex designed to promote cooperation between companies and the Foundation. It is built on the grounds of the former Bake Eder Palace, in Getxo.

From its origin, BiscayTIK was defined as an ambitious project of international relevance to the application of ICTs to Municipal Government. Its goals are:

  • To standardise the Municipal Authorities’ tools in Biscay: councils and associations of municipalities cannot afford an integrated IT system since this involves an allocation of resources that not all of them, particularly the smallest ones, have. BiscayTIK aims to offer a solution to this situation by providing all of the local authorities with the latest technologies so that they can gradually achieve more efficient management, reducing the technological gap among them.
  • To bring Authorities closer to citizens by means of ICTs: by renewing the municipal IT systems, councils and associations of municipalities can develop e-Government systems that bring Local Government and people closer by facilitating the most common procedures with their local council.
  • To make Biscay an international reference in the field of local e-Government: such dedication to the New Technologies in Local Authorities generates a large amount of specialised knowledge and, therefore, it becomes an interesting example for public authorities all over the world. From the Bake Eder Knowledge Center in Getxo, BiscayTIK works with companies on the creation and promotion of new products and services, both locally and internationally, with the aim of creating wealth and making Biscay an international model in the field of local e-Government.

In order to bring the ICTs and society closer, the BiscayTIK Foundation has created the BiscayTIK Business School. It aims to spread understanding of the New Technologies and their potential by educating citizens, the public sector and companies. This can help Biscay rival the most technologically advanced societies.

Board of Trustees of the BiscayTIK Foundation

Vice President:
  • General Manager of Citizen and Digital Services
  • General Manger of Services, Municipal Relations and Emergencies
  • General Manager of Coordination, Evaluation and Monitoring of Business and Digital Strategy
  • General Manager of Property Register and Services
  • General Manager of Administration and Social Promotion
  • General Manager of Culture
  • General Manager of Innovation and Transportation Management
  • General Manager of Agriculture
  • General Manager of Employment
  • General Manager of Sustainable Mobility
  • General Manager of Entrepreneurship and Business Competitivity