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How to open a account

Those interested in applying for a account need to phone the free number 900 840 250 or send an email to Within a few days they will receive an activation code by post. This code is personal, non-transferable and is required to create a new account. accounts are activated from the website. The button “Activate my account”, to use the account for the first time, is displayed on the left. The user identification form requests the user’s date of birth and the activation code, which is given in the red box on the personal letter sent.

The next step is to enter the account information, the address the user wants to use, the associated identification names and the password, which must have a minimum length of characters. 

Finally, the screen will display confirmation of the registration and the email address just created, as well as the rescue code necessary to reactivate the account if the username is forgotten. Users should print out this information and keep it in case they need it in future.