BiscayTIK Foundation - Architectural Complex

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The Bake Eder Knowledge Center opened in 2011, in Getxo, after a period of intense building work on the house and grounds. The final result is the combination of these two buildings of totally different styles:

  • The Bake Eder Palace as it is today is the result of a renovation project. The style and structure of the original building have been maintained. Currently, it houses the management departments of the BiscayTIK Foundation as well as some training and educational spaces and rooms available for rent.
    It is a Nordic-style building surrounded by a large garden. It was built in the early 1900’s by the architect Luis Elizalde. The house was lived in as a family home in the past, although for years it was abandoned and after a fire it was in a dilapidated condition. In 2001, the Basque Government declared the Bake Eder Palace a site of artistic and monumental value, and in 2008 the Council of Getxo handed it over for use as the BiscayTIK offices.
  • The BiscayTIK building is a new construction that has been designed as a large glass office block with a modern and minimalist structure that contrasts with the classic style of the Bake Eder Palace. This building houses the Auditorium of the Knowledge Center and a Business Incubator for companies related to computer systems, telecommunications, New Technologies and Information Society, advanced use of the Internet (communication, consultancy…) and services related to the improvement of competitiveness for business projects.