BiscayTIK Foundation - Bake Eder Knowledge Center

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Bake Eder Knowledge Center

When the BiscayTIK project was defined, it became clear that, given the initiative’s uniqueness, a large amount of knowledge in the field of e-Government would be generated and that this knowledge could be very interesting and useful to other public authorities around the world. This is why the creation of the Bake Eder Knowledge Center was included in the project. This Center aims to become an international model for the application of ICTs to the provision of public services to citizens.

One of this Knowledge Center’s goals is to create wealth, economic or of another type - for example, the transmission of knowledge or the creation of jobs - in a sustained way over time. The intention is for this wealth to make Biscay’s people and business network grow. 

The companies located at the Bake Eder Knowledge Center can carry out their activities within the scope of the BiscayTIK project. These activities are always related to the generation of advanced knowledge in technology at the service of citizens and also related to the improvement of competitiveness. Some of the activities carried out by the participating companies are the development of new products, research and innovation, promotion of dissemination activities and organisation of events, as well as a number of educational and training options, such as scholarships and Masters degrees.

BiscayTIK works with companies to open communication channels, both locally and internationally, with the aim of spreading all of this innovation and making Biscay a reference and an international paradigm in terms of local e-Government.