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  • Modernisation Modernisation

    We work to modernise Local Authorities through the use of ICTs. For this, we provide IT systems that help improve internal municipal management and offer online services to citizens. We are working with more than one hundred Local Authorities in Biscay.

  • Organise your events at Bake Eder Organise your events at Bake Eder

    The Bake Eder Knowledge Center has a number of spaces where you can hold all kinds of professional events in different formats. The premises include all the services and technological facilities you need for holding an event in a modern, innovative environment.


    The email address is free, shows no advertising and has 5Gb of mailbox capacity and a virtual hard disk. With their username and password, users can access procedures online with their council or association of municipalities.

  • E-Procedures E-Procedures

    With this service, citizens can carry out administrative procedures with Local Authorities via the Internet, at any moment and with no waiting times. The steps required for a procedure are simple and offer all security guarantees.

  • The BiscayTIK Foundation has been working since 2008 to modernise the IT systems of the municipalities, bringing together local government and the people of Biscay
  • So far, more than 90% of local authorities in the province have joined the BiscayTIK initiative, modernizing their technology systems, increasing the efficiency of their administration and, above all, improving their level of public service
  • This novel process we have been leading has helped us project our talent beyond our borders, and we have received international recognition as a proof of the impact
  • At BiscayTIK we are carrying out new projects, always together with local councils, in order to provide tools that can meet the new needs that may arise
  • Our main goals are to offer people a better service and a closer relationship with local government, and our projects aim to do this in the coming years, to make Biscay a modern, efficient, transparent and participative territory that is fully connected to the world


The BiscayTIK Foundation is a project of international importance that has three main goals:

  1. To promote the use of the ICTs in Municipal Administration and bring Local Authorities closer to citizens through the use of the Internet.
  2. To work closely with the companies in Biscay on projects related to the ICTs and Local Government, generating wealth and making Biscay an international benchmark in this field.
  3. To bring the New Technologies to the inhabitants of Biscay so that the province can rival the most technologically advanced societies.

Since it started back in 2008, 116 of the Public Administrations have joined the project. 107 of them already have a website running and on 100 of those citizens can fully carry out administrative procedures online.

Over 2,000 public workers use the computer application every day. According to the latest information, the number of certificates issued using the application is over two million, of which over 175,500 have been issued online, avoiding the need of citizens to go to the municipal offices in person.


  • History and objectives of BiscayTIK
History and objectives of BiscayTIK


The Bake Eder Knowledge Center provides a professional, modern environment perfect for holding business events. The building has large meeting rooms and multi-purpose spaces where you can organise meetings, press conferences, product demos, seminars, conferences and other kinds of business events. Check the terms and conditions and features of our spaces:

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