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What is the Bake Eder Knowledge Center?
The Bake Eder Knowledge Center is an innovative and leading technology center, unique in its field. It focuses on carrying out activities for the promotion of knowledge in management practices and technologies related to citizen services through the use of Communication Technologies.

What do I need to do to join the Knowledge Center?
The Center has been designed as a place for public-private cooperation for generating innovation and knowledge related to the application of the New Technologies in Local Government. It is meant to generate added value and promote Biscay’s companies and professionals both locally and internationally.

Any company wishing to join this Knowledge Center must be connected to one of the following fields: IT, telecommunications, New Technologies, the Information Society, advanced Internet uses (communication, consultancy…) or services related to the improvement of companies’ competitiveness.

The application form for joining the Bake Eder Knowledge Center, which includes instructions on how to complete it, is available for download. Form (PDF 827Kb).
If you have any queries, please contact BiscayTIK by email:

Is it possible to use the Center’s facilities to hold events?
The Bake Eder Knowledge Center (Getxo - Biscay) provides a professional, modern environment perfect for all types of business events. Its two buildings include six spaces for rental which are fully equipped for holding meetings, presentations, seminars and any other business events. The Knowledge Center offers professional service, the necessary facilities and easy access; it is, in short, an excellent option. For further information, please visit: