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Frequently asked questions

Do councils wishing to join the project need to pay anything?
No; the project is totally free of charge for councils in Biscay.
Will all councils be asked to join the project?
No; joining the project is a free choice and councils may decide to join it totally or partially depending on their characteristics and needs. The Regional Government of Biscay does make it available, free of charge, to all of its councils so that none of them have any difficulties in terms of modernising.
How will my council communicate with the BiscayTIK central server?
The Administration will use the BiscayTIK services following the Software as a Service model. These services will be provided from a Data Center located at the offices of the Regional Government of Biscay. This architecture will need certain technical requirements in terms of communications infrastructure.
Will municipal workers be provided with specific training? How much will it cost?
Yes; BiscayTIK will offer these workers a free training programme.
Where will municipal documents be filed? What would happen if the system fails?
All the information will be stored in a single place in the Regional Government of Biscay’s offices and it will be processed appropriately in order to avoid system failures.