BiscayTIK Foundation - Business school: Training aimed at companies

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Business school: Training aimed at companies

The progress of the New Technologies is unstoppable. They have become an important element of our daily life and, the more advanced a country is, the more the New Technologies are used.  The BiscayTIK Business School promotes actions aimed at citizens, companies, policy makers and public workers so that society, professionals and companies can advance in the use of the ICTs and be more competitive.

As regards companies, the BiscayTIK Business School takes part in all kinds of ICT training and promotional activities with two main goals:

  • To encourage the intensive and effective use of the ICTs in companies in Biscay in order to bring them up to the level of the most advanced European countries.
  • To provide ICT experts with the necessary competences for the effective management of projects and businesses, offering their clients both excellence as regards service and advanced solutions in terms of processes and technology.

At the Business School, BiscayTIK works to make Biscay advance in the use of the ICTs, helping the province rival the most technologically advanced societies.