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How to use E-Government for a Procedure

In order to access the e-Government services, the first thing users need to do is to identify themselves. There are two possibilities: to prove your identity by using an e-identity card or to obtain access through an agreed signature system.

At present, users can prove their identity on councils’ and associations of municipalities’ websites using the ONA health card, the IZENPE card or the Spanish e-ID card. The sites created by BiscayTIK also offer the possibility of accessing the e-Government services using the username and password of the email account, which works as an agreed signature, an identification system mentioned in Spanish Law 11/2007 regarding Citizen E-Access to Public Services. The administrative procedures that can be accessed using the agreed signature vary and depend on each council or mancomunidad.

Once users access the procedure they require, they will find information about it: necessary documents, related legal framework governing the procedure in question and additional observations (for example, the possibility of carrying out the procedure in person and the place where this can be done, as well as contact telephone numbers for queries and support).

Once users have started the procedure using e-Government, they need to follow the steps shown on the screen.  When a document has to be submitted, this should be submitted in digital format. Before confirming the application, users have the option of reviewing all their details and, after signing the application, they receive a message acknowledging the procedure has been carried out and indicating its record number.

The “My Procedures” section allows users to monitor the “Status of my current procedures”, check any previous administrative procedures carried out and download relevant documents.

Councils and associations of municipalities with an e-Government service already up and running