BiscayTIK Foundation - The Biscaytik foundation and citizens

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The Biscaytik foundation and citizens

The BiscayTIK Project was created in 2008 by the Regional Government of Biscay with the aim of improving the quality of life of Biscay’s citizens by using the New Technologies. At present, BiscayTIK offers Biscay’s citizens the possibility of creating, free of charge, an email account and accessing their councils and associations of municipalities by means of virtual desks installed on these institutions’ websites.

This initiative, the first of its kind in the world, is focussed on developing Biscay as much as possible. With BiscayTIK’s participation, the aim is to make advanced technological tools available to all municipal bodies and to allow all biscayans to live in technologically advanced environments, regardless of the resources of their council or mancomunidad.

In order to promote a more efficient and intensive use of ICTs by citizens, the BiscayTIK Business School offers training aimed at achieving better penetration and more efficient use of the ICTs in society.

Councils and associations of municipalities with an e-Government service already up and running