BiscayTIK Foundation - Other alliances

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BiscayTIK has established links and works closely with different partners, developing strategic alliances with them.

University of the Basque Country – UPV/EHU

The BiscayTIK Foundation is actively involved in the educational programmes and the social development brought about by the acquisition of skills by University students. Proof of this are the 2009-2010 BiscayTIK grants: 15 students received specific training and worked with different teams within the BiscayTIK project.

University of Deusto

The BiscayTIK Foundation’s commitment to education and professional training has also led it to work with the University of Deusto, another key higher education institution in Biscay. With the 2009-2010 BiscayTIK grants, a group of 15 students were able to learn and work within the BiscayTIK project.

International Foundation for the Development of Reliable Governments (FIDEGOC as per its Spanish acronym)

The BiscayTIK Foundation has a cooperation agreement with FIDEGOC, a non-profit foundation committed to establishing Reliable Governments around the world. It focuses on the development of governments starting with the local reality and citizens’ contributions to meeting society’s needs in a sustainable, integrated way.