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The BiscayTIK Foundation has joined forces with five other leading research organisations in the ICT field in order to take part in the “Reality Sensing, Mining and Augmentation for Mobile Citizen-eGovernment Dialogue” project as part of the 7th European Framework Programme.

In partnership with the Universität Koblenz-Landau (Germany), the Hellas Technology and Research Center (Greece) and the companies Yucat Mobile Business Solutions Ltd (the Netherlands), Mattersoft Oy (Finland) and Eurosoc GMBH (Germany), the BiscayTIK Foundation will work for 30 months on the development of applications that contribute to improving communication between citizens and public administrations by combining augmented reality and the new generation of mobile telephones - smartphones.

The European Live+Gov project aims to develop a comprehensive solution allowing citizens to express their real needs to government by using the possibilities offered by the latest technologies in mobile phones (smartphones). Based on those real data, which have been provided by people, government can make an accurate analysis of citizens’ needs, and can take advantage of collective citizen intelligence.

The key feature of the Live+Gov project is its use of augmented reality though mobile phones for creating applications that allow direct citizen-government interaction. In this way, the community gets the maximum benefit.

In order to protect the information provided by the people who take part in this dialogue, the development of data protection systems plays a key role in this research project.

Apart from the technological issue, the project’s main challenge is to get people involved in the project and encourage them to commit themselves to their community.

Three live field trials will be used to measure the project’s success: