BiscayTIK Foundation - Lantik

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Lantik S.A. is a sole proprietorship company created in 1981 and fully owned by the Regional Government of Biscay. It focuses on providing this provincial body and its organisations and institutions, as well as the local councils in Biscay, with Information Systems. It is also responsible for running these systems and providing other related services.

Its main goals are: to plan and execute the Information Systems policy defined by the Regional Government of Biscay; to provide Provincial and Local Government with comprehensive solutions based on consultation and the ICTs; to have competitive technological know how; and to keep an active leading position as regards the dealing with the organisation’s needs, as well as running and developing the Public Administration of the Future.

Lantik has a solid infrastructure, the result of its extensive experience in IT systems management and protection. BiscayTIK’s IT systems are hosted in this infrastructure, which provides them with stability, security, high availability and geo-redundancy systems.